Erasmus+ obisk učiteljev

On Thursday, 01.02.2018, foreign teachers visited our school. After a few moments in the computer classroom, us, students, took them to the lobby of the school to take some pictures by the “Erasmus corner”. Later most of the students returned back to their classes, except for me and Vid. We gave the participants a tour of our school.


We started off with Miss Oblak’s 3rd graders, who set up an amazing performance including singing and dancing. We visited some more 3rd-grade students afterward, they showed us the beautiful art they made. We also stopped by 5th-grade students. One of them told us about his imaginary animal, which got him an excellent mark.


Continuing down the hallway the foreigners adored our versatile rock collection. Later on, we peeked inside the Chemistry classroom and the Geography classroom.



Teachers from Turkey said our school is bigger, more colorful, cleaner and that our knowledge of English is much better.

In three days of staying in Škofja Loka, they think people are kind, our food differs from theirs and that our architecture and nature is quite new to them.

They were all very excited about Friday’s trip.


Teachers from Italy also said our school is cleaner and that our classrooms are bigger. They also mentioned that students move around more freely and get more help when it comes to studying. They were also surprised about sinks being in our classrooms.

From their stay here their opinions are based on kind people, clean nature, and different but delicious food.

Of course, they were excited about the trip.


Teachers from Portugal said our school is more personable and portrays more art made by students. The main difference between theirs and our school is that their school is divided into smaller buildings whilst our school isn’t. That also makes our school cleaner, warmer and cosier. Teachers also don’t have their own classrooms.

As far as their stay goes, people are friendly, nature is clean and broad and the food is different but still good.

They didn’t go on the trip.


Intervju je naredila in napisala Nuša Rajniš


Četrtek, 1.2. 2018

Obisk Ljubljane

Učitelji so najprej obiskali turško ambasado v Ljubljani. Sledil je ogled Slovenske prestolnice Ljubljane, kjer smo si ogledali Tromostovje, Zmajski most iz časa Avstro-Ogrske monarhije, se povzpeli na srednjeveški Ljubljanski grad in se preko starega mesta odpravili do mestne hiše. Obisk Ljubljane smo zaključili s skupno večerjo, kjer je bilo mogoče večerjati tipične slovenske jedi.


Thursday, 1.2. 2018

Visiting Ljubljana

The teachers first visited the Turkish Embassy in Ljubljana. A tour of Ljubljana followed, where we visited the Three Bridges, the Dragon Bridge from the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, climbed up to the hill to the Ljubljana castle and went to the town hall through the old town. A visit of Ljubljana was concluded with a common dinner, where typical Slovenian dishes could be tasted.

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